Once, there was a Filipino-born student who visited Japan.

He loved it so much that he decided to study in a University in Tokyo. A natural linguist, he didn't imagine that language would be a barrier so he pursued it. During one break time from University, he decided to go to Asakusa, where he heard served the best tempura, which happened to be his favorite Japanese dish. He roamed around the streets only to find the price too steep for a university student. Almost dejected, he turned the next corner ready to go home, until he found what he didn't imagine would change his life.

Situated in a humble street corner, he found a quaint a little house which displayed a simple "Tempura" sign in front. Curious about the simplicity of the house, he decided to enter. There was not much going on inside. There was justan old woman, attending to several tables of quiet customers. And the there was just an old man, busy working in the kitchen. It was simple but efficient. Upon seeing the prices to be quite reasonable even for a student, he decided to order their special; the Tendon.

The service was quick. He couldn't even remember waiting because he had just finished one phone call and his order was in front of him. What happened next was the experience that changed him forever. His first bite was every bit of perfection he has never experienced in the Philippines nor in Japan. The batter was light but very crispy. And the sauce, was the perfect blend of sweet, salty and seafood aroma. One bite, and he was hooked. He frequented the restaurant and became good friends with the owners. But just like all good things, this one too had to end. Before he knew it he was graduating from the university. He was sad he won't be able to eat his favorite tendon tempira meals anymore. Afraid that would happen, he immediately talked to the Japanese couple and offered to help them bring their restaurant into the Philippines.

The Foodie Couple

Realizing it was a daunting task to bring the restaurant to the Philippines alone, the newly graduated student sought for help. Immediately, he turned his attention to his friend, whose family owned a various restaurant in the Philippines. Their vast knowledge and experience will definitely come in handy. Upon trying the product themselves, this couple, without batting an eyelash decided and agreed that same day that they will help him bring the best tempura they have ever tried to the Philippines.

This is our simple and humble story. We hope that you can become a part of it. We hope that you too, a fellow food lover, would find your own passion story.